Thursday, January 8, 2009

What's Going On

We just wanted to create this site so everyone would know what's going on with Josie daily. Josie doesn't know about this site and would be upset with us for creating it, but we felt like it would help get out information. So many people have called and we are so sorry we cannot take all of them. We thank you for your concerns and your prayers very much. Most of you know that Josie is very sick. She doesn't feel like talking or texting right now. She does not want any visitors right now because it makes her nervous and scared something is wrong with her. She is on lots of pain medication and she has said some pretty funny stuff lately. She asked asked Heather several times how sick is she. It breaks our heart everytime she asks. She is having trouble breathing right now and she sleeps a lot. She has been in the ICU since Saturday. Here are some recent pics of her. She will kill me if she knew I was posting them. Thank you for your prayers.


  1. With so many inquiries regarding Josie's well-being, we will utilize this valuable tool daily at the dealership. We are praying for Josie and the entire family. Remember, His strength is perfect when your strength is gone.Phil 4:13

  2. Thanks for creating this blog. This morning I was thinking about the song "Surely the Presence of the Lord is in the place", and it reminded me of Josie and her family. As difficult as it is to find blessings in the midst of hardship or chaos, if we give ourselves permission to believe that they do exist then and only then can we find the true blessings that are there. God loves you all so much and from my very limited knowledge I love you guys to. I will continue to pray for spiritual and emotional healing as I hope you guys will do the same. We do not know the path our lives will take we just know that Jesus Christ our Lord walks it with us.
    Josie, I know you are tired and weary so listen up my friend. Continue to rest and do what the doctors say and no matter what never never give up the hope that tomorrow will always be better than today. You my dear are an inspiration to many. I look forward to the day that you can help me with my Livin A Dream ministry, your story will be uplifting to many.
    May the peace and grace of our lord be with you all.

    Dale Childres

  3. Josie is in our prayers.

    The Blake Family
    Kansas City, KS

    Friends of Karen and Dea

  4. Peace and blessing to Josie and you. Praying for strength and healing,

    Scott and Angie Bumpus
    CF Parents

  5. We are praying for you in Memphis TN. I have asked our friends to also pray for precious Josie. Our sweet 6 year old Madeline also has CF. I pray for Josie to get well and strong and for your strength. Love and Prayers. Malissa, Mike, Alex & Madeline Shilling

  6. We are keeping you in our thoughts & prayers! Our daughter Hannah has cf, she is 3 yrs old. Stay Strong Josie!!!

    Breathe Easy!

    Dennis, Shannon, Jacob & Hannah Scarbrough
    Jackson, TN

  7. I used to work with kids with CF. I hope and pray that Josie gets better and gets better soon. Hang in there and know that a mother of three is praying in Paducah, KY.

  8. Hello Josie, We love you; Dante' Sr,Deborah,Makiya,Dante' Jr.,Antonio,and Zwahlen. I know we are far but ours prayers are close.

  9. I have been a friend to the CF Foundation in Memphis, TN for many years. I will keep Josie in my thoughts and prayers. I am passing the word on to friends and family to do the same.

  10. Lola misses Josie, but she and Max are having a big time. You are all in my thoughts and prayers each day. If there is anything I can do for you here at home, please let me know.

  11. Josie,
    I have two children Whitney and Wesley. Whitney is 16 and just went throught major back surgery for scoliosis. My son is 14, and he also has CF. We live in Henderson, Tn. I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. But you can rest assured that you are in God's loving hands, and that he loves and cares for you very much. There is always a reason that people have to go through things like this even though we may not know why until we see God's sweet face. I will be praying for you daily, and I will add you to our church prayer list.
    Bless you,
    Kindra Frix School Teacher and mother of two

  12. We are praying for you all and love you. Please let us know if you need anything.

  13. Gods got this all nder control. Josie is an awesome girl and we are praying for her. we love her soo soo much.

  14. May God bless you all during this hard time. Let Josie know that we are all praying for her and cant wait to see her again. If you need anything please let us know. Keep the hope up and put everything in God's hands.

    Ginger Short,
    Bryce McBee's grandmother

  15. Hey Josie,
    I worked with your grand dad @ ATM Oil Co. I did met you a couple of times when you would come over to eat lunch with him. I also brought one of your braclets you made. Hope you are doing better. It looks like you are in very good hands.
    Take care
    Cathy Ballew

  16. just remeber she's in better place!!!!!!!!

  17. shes looking down at u hoping ur happy