Monday, January 12, 2009

Jo& Jo


  1. You are special beyond words. When God first gave us our Boney Macaroni 14 years ago, you touched all of us in a way that noone or nothing else ever had. Your attitude and strength has always left us speechless. I can promise you, that our prayers for you never stopped, regardless of circumstances- (but I am still sorry.) We are so proud to even know you, and I can't say enough about what a hero you are in so many ways to us and countless others. We truly know there is only one Jos. We love you so very very much. Aunt Carol, Cara (sissy), and Seth

  2. i feel so sorry for you josie!!! i hope you get well soon and return to school and other things you love to do!!! I will keep you in my prayers and I will pray for you every night!!! I hope you get well and just know that God has a plan for you and whatever he wants to do he will do it!!! take care!!! From Hannah Pinner!
    just to tell you i am friends with catherine ann eaves and madison cranford!!!