Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please, Please, Please Continue to Pray

We thought we were going home, but it looks like just the opposite. We were told this morning by Josie's doctor that Josie is now in her final hours. Who knows, she has pulled thru it before, but this time her c02 level is over 150.(not good) We are just trying to keep her compfy and relaxed. We know so many people have been praying for Josie and keeping up with this blog, and we hope many people turned their life over to God thru this and trusted in him thru Josie's inspirational journey. We will not always know what God's plan is, but we must realize it is definately a perfect plan no matter how much it hurts. We know that the Lord is in control of all things, but we still wonder "why Josie?", "why does this happen to people, especially children?"................I guess we must understand that if our life is cut short in this cruel, painful world; we are really getting a favor. The quicker we can go on and be with the Lord, and cut out all the pain, heartaches, and disappointments in this world the better. We would like to again thank everyone for all you have done for Josie and our family during this time. Nothing has gone unnoticed. So many people helped with Jordan, our dogs, sent food, sent cards, and all kind of stuff. Thank you so much. I hope God blesses you for what you have done. The Gray's

Happy Birthday Heather 1-29-09

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sorry For No Posts in 3 Days

So many people have said what's going on with Josie. I haven't seen any new info in the last few days. Sorry, nothing new has really transpired. She has been about the same in the last few days. We did talk to her doctor yesterday to discuss Josie's future treatments. Unfortunately, Josie is now trying her last treatment. It is terrible to have a disease that is incurrable because she has reached the end of the road for new treatments and medicines. She started a treatment called RATG yesterday. This will shut her immune system down for 10 days or so to try to get rid of her antibodies that are attacking her lungs. Please pray for her because it is a very dangerous procedure with a low success rate. SHE CANNOT HAVE VISITORS AT THIS TIME DURING THIS TREATMENT.(sorry) If this procedure doesn't work then she will go home. We pray for another miracle! She has fought so hard all of her life and especially in the last few weeks. I hope she has been an inspiration to others to never give up!(NO matter what) I am so glad to see how many lives are affected thru this blog. This may be god's purpose for Josie. I wonder how many people went to church over the last few weeks for keeping up with and reading comments from this blog. I wonder how many hearts have been softened to hear God's word. Thank You so much for all of your prayers, cards, calls, texts, gifts, money and so on. we cannot say thank you enough.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Better Day!!!!!!!

Josie had lots of friends from back home come visit her today! She had her best day yet. We hope she will continue to get better and better. Please keep posting comments because we read them everyday. It is so nice to know that this blog has touched so many people. I hope that everyones faith has gotten stronger because of this blog. I read about so many people praying and praying. I also hope that Josie's blog will inspire everyone to walk closer with our Lord! This blog was originally created to update everyone on Josie's progress here in St. Louis. but I think it now serves a bigger purpose. It is to let people know that we have a merciful and loving God. He has watched over our family each and everyday. Our faith has definately increased also. God bless you all!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


This is a picture that was taken a few nights ago. Heather has slept with Josie every night. Her love for Josie is so STRONG! Josie wants her mother right next to her and it makes her feel safer. Heather is gonna kill me for posting this picture on the web, but I wanted to tell her that I think she is a terrific mom who has always been there for Josie. I love them both very much, and I appreciate her. Josie and Heather has spent so much time together in the hospital they are like 2 sisters. Please continue to pray for Josie. I love them both very much. Love, Dad


Today Josie and Jordan's School, Tipton Rosemark Academy, had a fundraiser for Josie. The picture shows the memo that went out to all the students. We want to thank everyone that was involved in this. We are very thankful for all of the faculty, teachers and students who have been so thoughtful of our family at this time. This is not the only thing that the school has done in the last few days. They had a dance last Saturday, and snack money has been collected for Josie this week. GREAT JOB guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE EVERYONE AT TRA!!!!! IT IS A SCHOOL, BUT ITS ALSO LIKE AN EXTENDED FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


If you stay in Josie's hospital room you better wrap up in extra clothes and blankets!!! Here is a picture of Josie's aunt Heidi trying to stay warm in the room. Josie likes it extra COLD and she is freezing everyone in here to death. She still sweats with it this cold. It was 10 degrees outside all day here in St. Louis but I think it's colder than that in here!!!LOL!!! Not only is the thermostat turned way down, this fan pictured here is also on and blowing on Josie. When you go to sleep in here 2 blankets will not be enough..LOL!! Josie slept most all day, but she did wake up about 10 PM. She ate just a little, but everyone in the room got a big hug from her with an I LOVE YOU to follow!!!! That was awesome. We hope tomorrow will be a better day!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Better Day!!!!!!!

Josie had another pretty good day today. She had some students and teachers from school come visit her. This was wonderful! Thank you guys for visiting Josie! I know it is a fairly long drive to St. Louis and we really appreciate it. She was awake a little more today and tried to play her Nintendo DS. She ate pretty good as well. We made a huge calender and a chart for Josie so she could see what day it is when she wakes up since she sleeps a lot. She likes to keep up on everything you know.LOL. It may be too soon to call Josie's progress a miracle, but we already feel like it is. She is much better than last weekend. Josie is the first pediatric to try a new medicine for rejection that really hasn't even been approved yet. She has had 3 treatments of this new medicine in a week and so far it has had some positive results. We hope and pray this will be a break thru for future CF patients. Josie wanted her doctor to list her name when these results were posted around the country for this new study. Her appetite has gotten better as well. She even ate some of her favorite french onion soup from the St. Louis Bread Company.(one of her favorite places to eat here in St. Louis) Thank goodness it's close to the hospital because it sure is COLD here.LOL! Hopefully our Jos will continue to keep getting better each day. We thank God for her progress!!! He must still have a plan for her. We also thank everyone for their prayers!!!!!!!!!! It is also nice to read all the warm comments made on the blog. We all read them each day, and it inspires us to know how many people really care!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Found This Article the Local Paper Published Several Months Ago

A living miracle: Josie Gray survivingwell after double-lung transplantIf you met Josie Gray today, you would never suspect that she is anything but healthy. You would discover a typical 12-year-old - she’s sweet, very familiar with computers and the internet, likes playing ball, and loves her friends and family. She’s also looking forward to September when she officially becomes a teenager, says mother Heather Gray. What you wouldn’t know - or even guess - is that this beautiful girl had a double lung transplant nine months ago.


I am proud to say that our little princess had a much better day today. She was alert more today. She sat up in the bed and actually requested real food. First she asked for some gatorade. Then she asked for chocolate ice cream, chicken strips, green beans, cocoa krispies, and cream style corn. Of course she really didn't eat much but 4-5 spoons of ice cream. It was still awesome for her to ask for food especially since she hasn't eaten real food since Friday morning. We our so PROUD of how strong she is. She has been communicating with us all day. We can't really hear what she is saying because she has that mask on so we keep asking her what did you say and keep guessing stuff. ( This really frustrates her) Her grandfather came up with the brilliant idea of putting the stethiscope up to her mask or cheek. This helps some! I hope we all learn that we should all go that extra mile in life each and every day like Josie is doing. Please pray for our family. There has been about 9-11 people in this 1 hospital room since Friday!!! From parents to grandparents with aunts too. Everyone has gotten interupted sleep and there has been some emotional times as well. I want to also thank our family because everyone has helped in many, many ways to try to accomodate Josie and wash our clothes and take care of Jordan and stuff...........And A SPECIAL THANKS TO JEANIE AND DARREN(our extended family) for helping out so much!!!!!!!! God bless you!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Josie almost running over the Pres. and V.P. . 2 weeks ago

Techies in training. ;) 2 weeks ago

From the Grandparents.

Howdy all. This is some thoughts from the grandparents.

God Is Good all the time. All the time God is Good!

We are Kenneth and Pam Lyles the parents of Josie’s mother and the very proud grandparents of this young lady. We also have twelve other grandyoungens. But today we want to focus on the one. (Well honestly, there have been many days we have focused on the one.) We pray the others will understand in time.

We do not know the outcome of this little miracle child. We do know regardless of the outcome, whether the Lord takes her now, or takes her later, she will spend eternity with Him. Not because anything she has done, but because of what He did for her on the cross of Calvary. And her response to that sacrifice. Simply with a child-like faith asking Him to forgive her of her sins, and to ask Him to come into her heart. The Bible says in Romans 3:23,24 says, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:”

She is very sick, even at the point of death, but even though we pray God’s will to be done, we are maybe, not really, but wanting to be, sincere. Our desire is for our will to be done, for God to heal her. In Daniel 3 we read about Nebuchadnezzaar, and the three Hebrew children. The king said at the end of vs. 15, “and who is that God that shall deliver you out of my hands?” Look at what they told him in vs. 16. “we are not careful to answer thee in this matter. If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king.” Notice the “is able” and the “he will”. In life or in death they would be delivered. So, we will praise Him either way.

Let me write about her accomplishments with her short stay here in St. Louis.
So far, we have seen an outpouring of love that honestly I, did not know existed. Family that has been out of pocket for 5 years coming to give support. Calls, cards, texts, emails, visits from several different states. People wanting to come, asking to come, what can we do, you will call if you need us, and on and on and on. Folks, thank ya’ll so much! Who said God can’t heal! Not ‘sposed to but I love cinnamon rolls, I love cake, and I’m getting fatter. Even though, my wife keeps saying to stop stuffing my face. It’s Ms. Melanie and Mr. Reiders fault.

This is only the beginning. Yeah, I think big, but?

Now, let’s lick this calf over. This could be you and your family. How would you respond? Do you have that “Blessed Hope” that we are leaning on? John 3:16 say this, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” He gave His, ours is being taken. It’s hard but God is in control.

Thanks again to everyone!!

Jo& Jo

typical mady& jos

Oo... them grandkids. :)



gOOfy fOOfy!

Please PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josie has fought and fought all weekend long. She is so strong. We have said our goodbyes to her several times Sunday when we thought this is it, but she just keeps coming through. We need you to pray for her please. Her little body is in pain and she has suffered so much in the last 24 hours. Please pray that the Lord's will be done. She has fought a good fight and still fighting at this very moment.  We just don't want her to suffer any longer. We love all of you that have been special to Josie.  Please PRAY FOR A MIRACLE!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Please Pray For JOSIE

I am hoping this will not be the last time I will be posting an update on Josie's condition, but she is not doing well. We ask you to continue to pray for her. Josie is very strong and has never ever given up! She is fighting for every breath right now and needs all of our prayers. Her doctor gave us some startling news today, and all of her family is here now to comfort her in St. Louis.

Josie gets a Personalized Picture from Eli Manning

Today we received a Fed x package from New York. It was a picture of Eli Manning from the New York Giants. It was signed " To Josie, A True Giant" and autographed Eli Manning. This made Josie smile and then she went back to sleep. Please pray for Josie. She is really having a hard time right now and we did not get good news from her doctor today.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Just got word from Josie's Doctor a few hours ago that one of the types of antibodies she had is now gone. She still is producing another type, but we think this one that is gone is the one she just picked up a month or so ago and is mainly the reason we are here now. YAHOO!!!!!!!

What's Going On

We just wanted to create this site so everyone would know what's going on with Josie daily. Josie doesn't know about this site and would be upset with us for creating it, but we felt like it would help get out information. So many people have called and we are so sorry we cannot take all of them. We thank you for your concerns and your prayers very much. Most of you know that Josie is very sick. She doesn't feel like talking or texting right now. She does not want any visitors right now because it makes her nervous and scared something is wrong with her. She is on lots of pain medication and she has said some pretty funny stuff lately. She asked asked Heather several times how sick is she. It breaks our heart everytime she asks. She is having trouble breathing right now and she sleeps a lot. She has been in the ICU since Saturday. Here are some recent pics of her. She will kill me if she knew I was posting them. Thank you for your prayers.