Thursday, January 8, 2009


Just got word from Josie's Doctor a few hours ago that one of the types of antibodies she had is now gone. She still is producing another type, but we think this one that is gone is the one she just picked up a month or so ago and is mainly the reason we are here now. YAHOO!!!!!!!


  1. Thanks for creating this! I know we wear Chris out constantly asking for updates! We want yall to know that we love yall very much, and are praying fervently for God's Grace to surround yall with His incredible love.
    Chris, i have forwarded your text to a number of people, i hope i havent duplicated what you have done.
    Hang in there, and you know that if you need anything we are just a phone call away!

  2. Lord, with all your power, grace and Almighty love, touch Josie so that all that has been rejected will be wholly, completely, and forever accepted. By the power of Jesus' name,AMEN. Know that although I do no know you, my heart and prayers are with you. With all the love and hope in Christ,

  3. I am praying for Josie's safe recovery. Keep the faith and give her a hug from the whole cystic fibrosis family.
    Carolyn, grandmother of CF child

  4. From the WHOLE OLD neighborhood: We are thinking and praying for your family in every way.

  5. I ask my dad to tell me what's going on with Josie, and being so busy at school, I finally got a chance to check out her blog. Wow, just know that I am praying for Josie and for the family and loved ones. I have told soo many people here at school and friends all around the country to pray for her. I love her and yall very much! I pray that God has His perfect will. Autumn <3