Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Found This Article the Local Paper Published Several Months Ago

A living miracle: Josie Gray survivingwell after double-lung transplantIf you met Josie Gray today, you would never suspect that she is anything but healthy. You would discover a typical 12-year-old - she’s sweet, very familiar with computers and the internet, likes playing ball, and loves her friends and family. She’s also looking forward to September when she officially becomes a teenager, says mother Heather Gray. What you wouldn’t know - or even guess - is that this beautiful girl had a double lung transplant nine months ago.


  1. We are praying today with a renewed "child-like" faith. God is absolutely at work in Josie. Brian, Sally, Haley and Eli Ramsey

  2. Josie, We are still praying for you. We are keeping tabs on you. Love Aunt Charity, Uncle Jason, Coty, Abby, Isabella, Gramma, and Pappa